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The dissemination of the OBIS results, knowledge transfer within and outside the project and an open dialogue with externals was essential for the positive impact of the project on the overall awareness and perception of cycling and bike sharing.  Communication and dissemination activities were thus one central part of OBIS. Key outputs, the OBIS handbookproject meetings and newsletters are also documented on this website.

Final Report

One of the EACI requirements for the OBIS project is the publication of a Final Report that you can download HERE. This report gives interested readers an overview of the activities and achievements of the project. The layout fits with that of the OBIS handbook and this website. In many cases the report provides additional information to that provided on these web pages.

Project Website

Clearly, too, this project website (www.obisproject.com) is the main information portal for stakeholders around the world and will stay online until August 2013.

The Website provides:

  • Project key facts;
  • Project participant information;
  • Work plan information;
  • Project results and documents;
  • Meeting/ conference descriptions & material;
  • Newsletters;
  • Bike sharing links.

The website is accessible in eight languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish. Around 40.000 visitors were recorded up to the end of the project.

Other Dissemination Activities

The OBIS results were not only disseminated with the help of the produced project materials and the website but mainly with the help of external conferences, existing networks, other websites, blogs, newsgroups, magazines, newspapers and scientific publications. Some examples can be found below.

International conferences:

  • Velo-City 2009 Brussels, 2010 Copenhagen, 2011 Sevilla;
  • ECOMM 2010, Graz;
  • EcoMobility Congress Changwon 2011.

National and regional conferences:

  • Czech Cycling Conference 2009, Prague;
  • National Cycling Conference 2009, Berlin;
  • “Fa’ la Cosa Giusta” Fair 2009, Milan;
  • Cycling Conference 2009, Lower Austria;
  • Promoting Health Through Cycling 2010, Bolton;
  • Polish Active Mobility Congress 2010, Gdansk;
  • Czech Cycling Conference 2010, Brno;
  • Cyclenation 2010 Conference, Scotland;
  • Radlgipfel 2011, Salzburg.


  • IEE Info Days 2009 Torun, Berlin;
  • IEE Project Report Brochure Issue 5 2009;
  • IEE News review Issue 5 2009;
  • Impacts Network meeting 2009, Berlin;
  • Dialogue with EPOMM/ ELTIS networks.

Newsletters & Network Publications:

  • CTC;
  • ECF;
  • ADFC;
  • ELTIS;
  • Coordination Bike Sharing Switzerland;
  • BikeMi;
  • Enterprise Europe Network Berlin.


Magazines and Newspapers:

  • Mobility Lab Magazine, Oct-Nov 2010;
  • Mobility, France, Issue 16, 2010;
  • Ökotest, Germany, Issue 3 2010;
  • Trecking Bike, Germany, Issue 5 2010;
  • National Geographic online June 2011;
  • Cyclingmobility, Issue 2/3 2011;
  • Cycle Digest, UK, Issues 59, 63 & 66, 2010/2011;
  • Sette Green, Italy, Issue 2 2011;
  • National Geographic online June 2011.

Scientific Work:

  • Studies in Austria and Germany;
  • Master and Bachelor theses and other research work in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Canada, USA and other countries;
  • Scientific publications e.g. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft.

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