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18-12-2011 - Success Stories

European Success Stories

The Handbook

According to the feedback from many stakeholders, the OBIS handbook has become a valuable source for bike sharing information. Some quotes:

“[...] again, we’re very impressed in the ECF offices by the standard and quality of this report”

“I have been really impressed by your work on BSS and in particular the Handbook that was published last month.”

“Your report on BBS is first rate, and I would like to propose cooperation in dissemination of the findings to City Governments, operators, consultants and media.”


The OBIS Handbook helped to boost importance of bike sharing for researchers. During the project duration, the consortium was in touch with many students who worked on general bike sharing topics as well as on the optimisation of specific aspects (e.g. development of mathematical models for the improvement of bike redistribution). Additionally the consortium was in touch with several researchers to exchange knowledge and information. Researchers were always involved in public OBIS conferences (e.g. Robert Hampshire, USA; Oliver O’Brien, UK, Anke Borcherding, Germany).


The OBIS network and the results of the project became a valuable door-opener for the promotion of bike sharing. The website www.obisproject.com was visited around 40,000 times up to the end of the project. Around 45,000 “dissemination contacts” were made to promote the project results as well as bike sharing in general.

National Success Stories


In Sweden, the OBIS project spawned two projects funded by Vinnova, totaling € 641,000. One of these concerns the development of a third-generation BSS from a first generation system in Örebro, which will be inaugurated in the autumn 2011. In Gothenburg, the pilot scheme in Lundby was replaced by a full scale system in August 2010. In general, the awareness and interest in mid-sized cities has been raised, which is proven by the cities of Helsingborg and Umeå that are consulting OBIS partners for advice concerning the implementation of BSS.

Czech Republic:

The Czech National Cycling Strategy is currently updated. It includes educational programs concerning the promotion of cycling in cities. These programs will also include the possibility of realisation of BSSs, according to the OBIS publication. CDV has contacted the only Czech producer and seller of BSSs (HOMEPORT, Ltd). A demo project will be presented, used for product development and “error trapping” during operation. This demo project can be seen and tested in the Karlin district of Prague.

Regional governments will be encouraged to financially support the introduction of bicycle rental system according to the model of South Bohemia (bicycles need not be borrowed only for the purpose of leisure activities, but also in order to use them as a form of public transport).

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